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Greco, like many of the Japanese guitar brands, is most famous in the west for the copies of the iconic Gibson and Fender replicas, the brand name has almost became synonomous with the FujiGen factory although the brands owner Kanda Shokai has produced Greco in a number of different factories and still continues to this day.

The Greco brand began life in the very early 1960's, and was used by Kanda Shokai for their solid body guitars, Greco is perhaps best known for the collectable SuperReal Series which was only produced from late 1979 to 1982. Some of their early 70's copies of Gibsons were of questionable quality however by the late 70's a combination of experience, economic conditions and availability of quality raw materials meant that craftsmanship was arguably at its peak with the

Production of exact replicas of Gibson ended in the early 1990's, and their Fender copies became Fender Japan in March 1982 when Kanda Shokai and Yamano music were awarded the contract to produce Fender guitars in Japan.

Fender JV were produced at the Fuji Gen factory by the same people who made the Sparkle sound Spacey sound and SuperReal Series. In 1997 Tokai and Dyna Gakki took over production. All of these models were intended for Japanese domestic sale only

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