The contest for Christmas Number 1 in the single charts has been a historically epic battle from bands and singers of the day. While in the past shows like X Factor have used their winter timing to send their winners to Christmas number one and dominate the market, a mixture of seeming decline in the popularity and predictability of such shows combined with an switch in metrics to use the number of online streams a song has had instead has caused a significant change. No longer the domain of a new hit single, online streaming capabilities have seen old classics such as Mariah Carey’s ‘All I want for Christmas is You’ topping the charts this year and retaining their prevalence in the top 10 throughout December. 

So what’s new in the charts?

For those sick of the same old earworms never fear! One silver lining of 2020 has seen many artists lockdown and with not much else to do but create so there is an abundance of new music to soothe your sonic desires this Christmas. 

JoJo – Wishlist 

After many years hiatus JoJo is back this year with a second album release of 2020 and it’s stronger than ever! The winter themed album is perfect for the festive mood with song titles such as Wrap Me Up and North Pole, as well as popular Christmas single Wishlist

Justin Beiber featuring The Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Choir – Holy

A staple of the last few decades on pop charts, Beiber is back this Christmas with a festive collaboration The Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Choir. Taking his 2020 hit Holy with all new meaning the ageing pop star has collaborated with the UK choir to bring a hot and sentimental take on the song. Proceeds raised from the song are set to go in support and recognition of frontline workers this year in the face of the ongoing worldwide coronavirus crises.