K-Pop global superstars Blackpink have urged their millions of fans to go green ahead of the 26th Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, in the UK this November 2021. The all female pop band have been anointed as advocates for the conference with the aim of rallying their staggering fan base for the cause of climate awareness. 

The video, which was made in December 2020, was released to the millions of viewing fans online in February 2021 and has continued to make a storm since. Jisoo, Rose, Jennue and Lisa are the four members of the bank Blackpink, which was first formed in 2016. The band members were invited by the British Embassy in Seoul to be part of the campaign. 

The last and 25th Climate Change Conference took place in Paris, six years ago. It was seen as a landmark moment in the fight against global warming when some of the world’s most significant countries in North America and Europe signed up to the deal. The aim of the treaty was to reduce global warming to a maximum of two degree celsius in the hopes of drastically slowing the environmental damage already seen creating severe weather consequences around the world. 

The video was released through the Climate Ambition Summit 2020 currently taking place in Seoul, Korea. It debuted on the video sharing and social media platform YouTube where the band has millions of followers and gone on to have over three and a half million views. 

Blackpink cite the 2020 Netflix documentary from David Attenborough titled A Life on Our Planet as a catalyst for their involvement in the project. They called upon their fans to also watch the documentary, which Attenborough calls his ‘witness statement’ for the planet. 

Blackpink fans call themselves Blinks and have a reputation in the music industry for being some of the most devoted fans on the scene. Blackpink has the largest following on Instagram for an Asian music act with over 16 million followers.