LA Cops use copyrighted music to prevent filming

In a strange twist of musically enhanced events, police officers in LA have been caught using copyrighted music from bands like The Beatles and Sublime to prevent video footage from protestors remaining online.  In an act that weaponises the copyright laws on social media video and image sharing sites such as Instagram, LA cops have […]

Neil Young sells off 50% of his back catalogue

Old time rocker Neil Young was once a critique of other ageing musicians who he felt had ‘sold out’. However, with the turmoil of 2020 and the future looking more uncertain, it’s no surprise ageing rockstar Neil Young has chosen to sell off the rights to 50% of his back catalogue.  The British investment company […]


After opening at Billboard 200’s top release, 21 Savage and Metro Boomin’s Savage Mode II was reworked and re-released by Houston legend OG Ron C. The release, titled SAVAGE MODE II [CHOPPED NOT SLOPPED] contains 14 songs, all given the Houston chopped and screwed treatment. Chopped and screwed music started in the 90’s in Houston, […]