As I wrote in my last post, Van Morrison is not a fan of using social distancing to mitigate the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Perhaps he should move to Los Angeles, where pop stars are flouting the city’s public health orders by hosting garish house parties.

This past Sunday Justin Bieber and his wife Haley threw a big bash at their modest Beverly Hills abode. The occasion, according to the Daily Mail, was singer Justine Skye’s birthday. Loads of dubious celebrities turned up, including the frivolous Kendall and Kylie Jenner.

The question now becomes whether the Biebers will face any consequence for their reckless violation of LA’s covid-19 policies. A few weeks ago, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced that anyone hosting large unapproved gatherings at their homes would have their utilities cut off.

“If the LAPD responds and verifies that a large gathering is occurring at a property, and we see these properties reoffending time and time again, they will provide notice and initiate the process to request that [the Department of Water and Power] shut off service within the next 48 hours,” he said at the time.

Garcetti made good on his threat last Wednesday after a “TikTok personality” called Bryce Hall held a number of parties at his house in the—you guessed it—Hollywood Hills. The mayor said a number of warnings had been issued to Hall, who continued to use his house as “a nightclub.” At that point Garcetti authorised the city to unplug the house’s power and water.

“With more than 2,000 Angelenos — and over 170,000 Americans — lost to COVID-19, we need every resident to undertake critical safeguards to stop the spread of this virus,” he said in a statement. “That includes not hosting or attending parties that put themselves, their neighbors and many others at risk.”

He added:

“Despite several warnings, this house has turned into a nightclub in the hills, hosting large gatherings in flagrant violation of our public health orders. The City has now disconnected utilities at this home to stop these parties that endanger our community.”

As Garcetti noted, more than 175,000 Americans have died from the coronavirus. Over 5.7 million infections have been reported in the United States.

So, will the mayor stick to his guns and penalise Justin Bieber? Or do silly teen idols from Canada get a free pass?

Published by Seth Graham

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