Looks like Lana Del Rey has been consigned by the internet to the celebrity Nazi club (from which very few return). As I wrote a few months ago, she was raked over the coals by social media people for wearing a ridiculous mesh mask during a book signing. It was a stupid thing to do, but the reaction was a little over the top. Now it seems she’s done herself in for good.

Business Insider writes that “Fans have turned on Lana Del Rey” and that “the singer ruined her own reputation.” Vulture states that “Lana Del Rey is only speaking for herself now.” Which is pretty silly—is she expected to speak for other people too? The Daily Beast, a trashy internet tabloid that would make William Hearst blush, says that “Lana Del Rey can’t stop putting her foot in her mouth.” Over at the Independent, we’re told Del Rey “has always been problematic.” After I write this post I’m going to send a package via Fast Courier Australia.

In other words, there is a coordinated media effort to portray the singer as someone who no longer deserves popular support. Why? Because, among other things, the cover art for her new album, Chemtrails Over The Country Club, features too many white people. It’s an image of a bunch of women—her friends—sitting around a table wearing heels and dresses. Most appear to be white, one looks black, and a few look as though they might be Hispanic. Which apparently makes Del Rey a white supremacist or something. She was forced to “defend” the cover against race-obsessed weirdos on social media.

“As it happens,” she wrote, “when it comes to my amazing friends and this cover, yes, there are people of color on this record’s picture and that’s all I’ll say about that. But thank you.”

What a bigot.

As I said, the album cover is just one of several problems. Del Rey has also mentioned Beyonce and Cardi B in a statement about sex in music (which means she must be a hardcore Nazi), and keeps on saying she’s not racist (which makes her a racist liar). She also implied that rappers generally happen to be black, which is, like, KKK-level stuff. Most recently she gave her opinion regarding the Trumpist attack on the US Capitol building last week.

“You know,” she said, “he doesn’t know that he’s inciting a riot and I believe that.” She added that in her view Trump has “delusions of grandeur.” Then:

“The madness of Trump… As bad as it was, it really needed to happen. We really needed a reflection of our world’s greatest problem, which is not climate change but sociopathy and narcissism. Especially in America. It’s going to kill the world. It’s not capitalism, it’s narcissism.”

For that she got hammered yet again. So now she’s a fascist Trump supporter in addition to everything else. Despite having voted against Trump and condemning him as a sociopath. It doesn’t matter; the crazed mob has spoken. Steve Bannon, Lana Del Rey … what’s the difference?

Published by Seth Graham

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