For many of us, the pitch and fever of the dance floor may feel like a dream of yesteryear, however, a new exhibition about the history of nightclubs is opening to remind us of past glory days. The V&A Dundee in Scotland, United Kingdom, will show the ‘Night Fever: Designing Club Culture’ until the 9th January 2022. Social distancing measures to ensure visitors safety from the ongoing crisis of the coronavirus COVID-19 global pandemic will be implemented according to government guidelines throughout the year. 

The exhibition will take a closer look at the history of nightclubs and club culture in Scotland and around the world. The exhibition will also take an overview of design in the areas from the 1960s until contemporary times. According to the exhibition press release it will “xplore how Scottish club culture is built on an ethos of DIY attitude, togetherness, humour, and a tightly knit network of DJs, clubs and promoters – often holding closer ties to the music and influences of Detroit techno and Chicago house, than to neighbouring scenes south of the border.’

Fashion, music, lighting, performance – the exhibition will feature a range of aspects that it sees as coming together to form the culture that starts in the nightclub. This also extends out to all stages of the process for such aspects. For example, the exhibition will also look at the significance of record covers and the art associated with the different musical periods of the late 20th century. 

‘Night Fever: Designing Club Culture’ is an exhibition originally from Germany. It started life several years ago but has been updated to include a specific look at Scottish club culture thanks to its move to Dundee. It was originally curated for the Vitra Design Museum in Schaudepot in collaboration with the ADAM Design Museum in Brussels.